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Accessing RefWorks

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: I am having issues accessing my RefWorks account which I have not done so for a few years, and accessing the opening page for Mendeley and Zotero to learn procedures for migration.

A: SFU Library's RefWorks subscription has been discontinued as of December 31st, 2017, and so access to all SFU RefWorks accounts is gone at this point. This means you will not be able to log in to SFU RefWorks or recover your account directly.

However, we will get in touch with RefWorks and ask them if your references can be exported to a text file in RIS format. Since you had several thousand references in your account, unfortunately there is no way to guarantee that RefWorks support can provide us with a single text file - there are technical limitations that could prevent this. Also, this could take a few weeks, so we will get in touch with you when we have some news from RefWorks.
Keshav Mukunda
Librarian, Research Commons & Digital Publishing