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Accessing online resources

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. I'm taking one of SFU's online courses. Do I need to access the Library, or will all my resources be posted on the course Canvas site? If I do, how can I do this? I'm registered in a certificate program, but don't have student ID card. I'm taking the online course through Distance Ed I assume as I live in Nova Scotia. This is my first time doing a course from SFU, so forgive what may be redundant any questions for you. 

A. Check to see which resources are already available to you when you log into your Canvas account. You can ask your course instructor if you will need to access any resources outside of Canvas. If you do, please follow the “No SFU Computing ID” procedure:

To access online resources you will need to login using your library barcode and your last name (first letter capitalized). Choose the login option for "No SFU Computing ID".

Chuk Goodin
Loans Supervisor