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Accessing Google Scholar through the Library site

Published by Dipa Barua

Q:  When I connect to Google Scholar from the "article databases" link on the library home page, it doesn't recognize me as SFU faculty, and thus denies me free access to journals to which the library has
access when I try to link to the articles listed. How can I prevent this? I don't see anyway to log on from the home page.

A: I'm afraid that we had to disable the SFU authentication on the Google Scholar search box because it was producing too many errors when searching off-campus.  When you enter search terms and click on the "search" button, and you're off-campus, Google Scholar will not know that you are affiliated with SFU.  We had to make that change back in 2016 because Google Scholar implemented a security measure where after we reached a certain number of searches, users would start to get error messages because Google thinks that the high traffic is the result of a bot and thus illegitimate.  

To use Google Scholar when you're off-campus and get links to SFU electronic resources, you can set up SFU Library links through your browser when you access Google Scholar.
  • Go to Google Scholar and click on the Menu bar in the top left corner (usually looks like 3 horizontal bars).
  • Then click on Settings - Library links
  • Type and select Simon Fraser University - Where can I Get This?   [eventually, this will be changed to read: Get@SFU]
  • and Save. 
Alternatively, you can also bookmark the Off Campus and Wireless Access Bookmarklet to gain access to the full text on publisher sites. 
Let us know if you have further questions. 
Sandra Wong
Electronic Resources Librarian
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