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2nd floor Library WIFI connection

Published by Dipa Barua

Q. The WIFI connection on the 2nd floor of the Bennett Library is so poor (no matter where you sit), most times it won't connect. Even when it finally connects, after a short period of time, the connection is gone. This happens to a lot of students, we are so frustrated.

A. I had one of my technicians test the area, this is his response: "There are few spots with very low speeds according to sonar.sfu.ca, and a number of times no signal at all (the inner sitting areas and bookable rooms), the APs seem to be operating correctly. I think it's just the sheer number of people with WIFI devices. I estimate there were 250-300+ people down there at the time, so possibly 400+ devices trying to connect at once".

I concur with his assessment; the sheer number of people are overwhelming the access points in that location. Our only option would be to try to get IT services to install another access point. Network services is planning on upgrading the wireless networking infrastructure over the next several years.

Neal Baldwin
Manager, Library Systems

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