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Concern for Policy Regarding 24/7 Library Hours

Published by Dipa Barua

Q: This is a comment regarding the policy to stay open 24 hours during the last few weeks of each term. I have strong objections to this policy. I am a master's student in counselling psychology and am very concerned about the impacts to students' mental and physical health when an institution not only condones but encourages staying up all night to study. I see SFU as extremely irresponsible regarding this decision. Many students are young and impressionable and may believe that, if the library stays open all night, they need to stay there all night to study. This of course does not encourage
a healthy work/school balance and could have serious health impacts.

Please go back to maintaining regular library hours at the end of term so that students can a) avoid further institutional pressure to put success/good grades/studying above all else and b) get much needed rest.

A: Thank you for your feedback and for your concern for your fellow students' health!  However the Library's 24/7 opening is a result of an explicit request from SFU students, via the Simon Fraser Student Society.  You may be relieved to hear than many students who use the service do not stay all night, but some stay after our normal closing hour and others come in earlier than our normal opening hour

Best regards, 

Natalie Gick

Associate University Librarian, Administrative Services

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