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Selected new books and other items purchased by the Library

This list displays selected new books and other items added to the Library's collection during the past month.  The list is updated once per week on Monday morning.

You are welcome to suggest additions to the Library's collection.  Suggest a Title for Purchase or contact your librarian.


If your department is not listed, no new items were added in your department's area during the last month.

Accelerating knowledge sharing, creativity, and innovation through business tourism

A concise history of U.S. foreign policy

A course in microeconomic theory

Addiction reimagined : challenging views of an enduring social problem

A Decade of Central African Republic : Politics, Economy and Society 2009-2018

A dialogue on personal identity and immortality

Adolescent literacy and writing : narratives outside the classroom


Advances in chromatography.

A field guide to grad school : uncovering the hidden curriculum

Against the Web : A Cosmopolitan Answer to the New Right

A history of the world in seven cheap things : a guide to capitalism, nature, and the future of the planet

A language management approach to language problems : integrating macro and micro dimensions

Alaska native games and how to play them : twenty-five ancient contests that survived the ages

Allegories of the end of capitalism : six films on the revolutions of our times

All of statistics : a concise course in statistical inference

Alpha-, beta- and gamma-ray spectroscopy

American trip : set, setting, and the psychedelic experience in the Twentieth century


An anthology of bilingual child phonology

Anarcho-blackness : notes toward a Black anarchism

A natural history of color : the science behind what we see and how we see it

An enquiry concerning human understanding ; [with] A letter from a gentleman to his friend in Edinburgh ; [and] An abstract of a Treatise of human nature

Applied numerical methods using MATLAB