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Selected new books and other items purchased by the Library

This list displays selected new books and other items added to the Library's collection during the past month.  The list is updated once per week on Monday morning.

You are welcome to suggest additions to the Library's collection.  Suggest a Title for Purchase or contact your librarian.


If your department is not listed, no new items were added in your department's area during the last month.

Photography and ontology : unsettling images

Physical activity assessment : a lifecourse approach

Place-based spaces for networked learning

Playing with the past : exploring values in heritage practice

Police corruption in comparative perspective : building trust in the police in India and China

Police response to mental health in Canada

Police use of excessive force against African Americans : historical antecedents and community perceptions

Policy and governance in the water-energy-food nexus : a relational equity approach

Political economy of media industries : global transformations and challenges

Political expression and conflict transformation in divided societies : criminalising politics and politicising crime

Political Kinship in Pakistan Descent, Marriage, and Government Stability : Descent, Marriage, and Government Stability.

Political parties in the Middle East

Political readings of Descartes in Continental thought

Politics in Mexico: the path of a new democracy

Politics in the times of indignation : the crisis of representative democracy

Pollution, politics, and power : the struggle for sustainable electricity

Polyamory, monogamy, and American dreams : the stories we tell about poly lives and the cultural production of inequality

Polycystic kidney disease

Population dynamics for conservation

Population, mobility and belonging : understanding population concepts in media, culture and society

Postcolonial animalities

Post-truth, fake news and democracy : mapping the politics of falsehood

Poverty : the basics

Power to the people : how open technological innovation is arming tomorrow's terrorists