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Selected new books and other items purchased by the Library

This list displays selected new books and other items added to the Library's collection during the past month.  The list is updated once per week on Monday morning.

You are welcome to suggest additions to the Library's collection.  Suggest a Title for Purchase or contact your librarian.


If your department is not listed, no new items were added in your department's area during the last month.

Health data processing : systemic approaches

Healthy aging : towards inclusive interventions

Healthy conflict in contemporary American society : from enemy to adversary

Heretics of language

Heritage languages and their speakers

HIGH-LEVEL LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY : second language and multilingual.

Hinterland : America's new landscape of class and conflict


Historicizing humans : deep time, evolution, and race in nineteenth-century British sciences

Hitler's collaborators : choosing between bad and worse in Nazi-occupied Western Europe

HIV/AIDS and democratization in Mexico : a tale of a globalized struggle for human rights and development

Holomorphic automorphic forms and cohomology

Home- and community-based services for older adults : aging in context

Homeland security cultures : enhancing values while fostering resilience

Homer in performance : rhapsodes, narrators, and characters

Honesty : Big Foot - Kitchi-Sabe

Housing Design for an Increasingly Older Population: Redefining Assisted Living for the Mentally and Physically Frail

How businesses thrive in a world where everything can be copied

How democracy ends

How scientific progress occurs : incrementalism and the life sciences

How to Explain Behavior : a Critical Review and New Approach.

How transformative innovations shaped the rise of nations : from ancient Rome to modern America

How we understand others : philosophy and social cognition

Human Survivability Studies : A New Paradigm for Solving Global Issues