Terms of use for ebooks, ejournals, and other online items

Course Pack Print

  • Permitted   SFU faculty and staff may use material from this resource to assemble a print course pack for students for purchase.
    • Include appropriate acknowledgement of the citation and source in the course pack.
  • Prohibited  Material from this resource may NOT be used to assemble a print course pack.  Create a link to the item instead.

Course Reserve Electronic Copy

  • Permitted  SFU faculty and staff may post an electronic copy of material(s) from this resource on a secure password protected server for use by SFU students, faculty and staff in an SFU course. Examples include: CANVAS or other secure password protected servers that are restricted to current SFU students, faculty and staff.
    • Include appropriate acknowledgement of the citation and source.
  • Prohibited  You may NOT post or upload an electronic copy. Create a link to the item instead.

Interlibrary loan electronic

  • Permitted  Non-SFU Libraries may request an interlibrary loan. See ILL: Information for Other Libraries for details on ordering. SFU Interlibrary loan staff may use this resource to fulfill lending requests from other libraries.
  • Prohibited   Material from this resource cannot be used for interlibrary loan.
  • Interlibrary loan notes: contains specific information regarding the interlibrary loan terms of the license.

Authorized Users

  • All current SFU students, staff, and faculty whether part-time, full-time, permanent, contract, adjunct, or Visiting; and retired faculty and staff with Emeritus or equivalent status.
  • Unless specifically stated otherwise, Authorized Users also include occasional members of the general public who visit one of the libraries in person and obtain guest access to the library computers.

Licensed for non-theatrical public performance on campus at Simon Fraser University for Authorized Users.

  • May be viewed in a classroom or group setting on the SFU campus for educational purposes.

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