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CUFTS: Open source serials management: reSearcher

IMPORTANCE NOTICE: The SFU Library will completely cease the ongoing development and support of the reSearcher software suite including CUFTS/ERM, GODOT, and the CUFTS knowledgebase on August 31, 2017.  

As a constantly updated knowledgebase of hundreds of fulltext resources, CUFTS provides Electronic Resource Management services, an integrated journal A-Z database, and MARC records for your library.


CUFTS provides basic electronic resource management services, allowing your library to centralize all of the details about your electronic collections, including licensing terms, renewal dates, contacts, and more. CUFTS ERM also features a renewal notification system, reminding you of approaching deadlines and an A-Z list of your electronic resources. Here are some examples:

CUFTS: Journal A-Z database

The CUFTS Journal Database (CJDB) is a serials database containing both print and electronic holdings information. It can be browsed or searched by journal title, ISSN, subject, or publisher/association.

Some examples of publicly-accessible CUFTS Journal Databases are available here:

CUFTS targets

Collections in the CUFTS knowledgebase include over 500 of the most commonly used resources by academic libraries, including Gale, EBSCO, Proquest, Ovid, as well as the majority of commercial and society academic publishers and platforms including Highwire Press, JSTOR, Project Muse and more.

CUFTS online tools

CUFTS also provides some powerful publicly-accessible services used by libraries around the world including: