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reSearcher: Open source software for libraries

As of 5:00 pm PDT on Thursday, Aug.31, 2017  all reSearcher software including CUFTS/ERM, GODOT, and the CUFTS knowledgebase were shut down to all external users.  This  included related services such as the CUFTS Resource Comparison Tool and the CUFTS Journal Search.  Since the original shutdown notification was issued one year ago, it is expected that most or all sites have migrated to other services or implemented local strategies to replace the SFU Library's hosted services and support.

GODOT code continues to be available for downloading from the software repository.  Current and prospective users of the software on local installations are welcome to continue to use the software and knowledge base, but they will be entirely responsible for all ongoing operation and support of the software and updates to the knowledge base.

The SFU Library will continue to monitor the reSearcher listserv <> for the next few months.  It is possible you may still have some active links on your website or interaction with reSearcher in other local software that may generate error messages. We will be happy to assist in troubleshooting these situations.

Once again, the SFU Library has appreciated the support from the very committed and enthusiastic user community that coalesced around the reSearcher software during the past 20 years.  There is a life cycle associated with all software, whether it is open source or proprietary, and we have arrived at the point where it is time to hit the "off switch" for reSearcher.  Thank you everyone.