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John Willinsky: Projects and Publications

Scholarly Project 

The Intellectual Properties of Learning: A Pre-History from Saint Jerome to John Locke 

Book-in-progress: Chapter plan with draft chapters

  1. Introduction

I. Monasteries and Learning

  2. The Medieval Monastic Paradox 
  3. The Transformation of the Early Middle Ages
  4. The Opening of the High Middle Ages
  5. The Economics of Patrons and Property
  6. The Intellectual Value of Compilation and Gloss

II. Universities Medieval and Early Modern

  7. The Medieval University
  8. The Humanist Revival
  9. The Early Modern University

III. Locke‘s Theory of Property

  10. The Patronage of John Locke
  11. Two Treatises of Government
  12. The Principles of Property
  13. The Intellectual Properties of Learning
  14. Conclusion

Related Journal Publications

Willinsky, J. & Provencale, J. (in press). The intellectual and institutional properties of learning: Historical reflections on patronage, 
               autonomy, and transaction. New Media and Society. View.
Willinsky, J. & Provencale, J. (in press). Critical literacy lessons for the intellectual properties of learning from Bede and Alcuin of York.
                International Journal of Cultural Studies. View.
Willinsky. (2006). The properties of Locke’s common-wealth of learning. Policy Futures in Education, 4(4), 348-365. View.


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