SFU Library Special Collections and Rare Books security policy

Students, Scholars and the public are welcome to Special Collections and Rare Books on the 7th floor of the W.A.C. Bennett Library. The facilities include study space, lockers, a seminar room and an exhibition area.


The Special Collections and Rare Books area of Simon Fraser University Library holds rare and valuable resources that require special security arrangements.  The collections are sequestered and storage areas are closed to the public.  The staff is responsible for ensuring that the following regulations are adhered to.

Public use regulations

  1. Special Collections users will be asked to place all backpacks, briefcases, overcoats, jackets, etc. in lockers at the beginning of their visit where they must remain for the duration of their stay.
  2. All users shall register with Special Collections staff by filling in a User Registration Form.
  3. Users will fill in a Request Form for each item or file that they wish to use.
  4. Items or files from the storage areas will be delivered to the user in the study area or the seminar room by the Special Collections staff.
  5. Users will return all items or files to the Special Collections staff who will check them in.
  6. Users may bring a notepad and pencil to the seminar room or study area. No pens may be brought to or used in the study area or seminar room.
  7. Portable computers may be used in the study area and seminar room.
  8. Decisions on whether or not it is possible to photocopy, photograph and/or scan Special Collections materials will be made on a case-by-case basis by Special Collections staff.
  9. No food or drink is permitted in the storage or study area.
  10. No food or drink is permitted in the seminar room or reception area, except in the case of food and drink supplied at a special event.