Special Collections and Rare Books: Manuscript collections: Literary

Acorn, Milton
Adderson, Caroline

Badami, Anita Rau
Basmajian, Shaunt
Bayes, Ronald
B.C. Book Prizes
B.C. Poets & Press papers
Beaulieu, Derek
Berge, Carol
Billy, Mary
Birnie, Lisa Hobbs
bissett, bill
Blakemore, Trevor
Blaser, Robin
Bok, Christian
Bringhurst, Robert
Brooks, Toby (Pat Lowther research collection)
Brown, Harrison
Brown, Hilary

Caledonia Writing Series
Cameron, Anne
Cannon, Gilbert
Choy, Wayson
Coady, Lynn
Coast Is Only a Line
Coleman, Victor
Corman, Cid
Corso, Gregory
Coupey, Pierre
Coyote's Journal [Periodical]
Creeley, Robert
Crozier, Andrew
Culley, Peter 

Davey, Frank
de Courcy, Michael
Derksen, Jeff / Writing Magazine
Dorn, Edward

Edgewise ElectroLit Centre
endnote [Periodical]
Eshleman, Clayton

Fainlight, Harry
filling Station [Periodical]
Fitzgerald, Dora
Flood, Cynthia
Forsythe, George S.
Fotheringham, Allan

Gaston, Bill
Gilbert, Gerry
Gill, Kuldip
Ginsberg, Allen
Griffin, Harold

Hindmarch, Gladys
Hollo, Anselm
housepress, see Beaulieu, Derek

IO Archive [Periodical]
Iron [Periodical]

Johnson, Curt
Johnson, E. Pauline (collection)

Kambourelli, Smaro
Kearns, Lionel
Kiyooka, Roy
Kootenay School of Writing

Lai, Larissa
Lambert, Betty
Lampman, Archibald
Lawlor, Michael [Photographer]
Layton, Irving
Line [Periodical]
Little, Billy
Little Sisters Book & Art Emporium

Marlatt, Daphne
McCaffery, Steve
McClure, Michael
McKinnon, Barry
Miki, Roy
Mills, John
Mishaegen, Anne de
Mootoo, Shani

Neil, Al
New Star Books
Newman, Gerald
Nichol, bp
Niedecker, Lorine
Nightwood Editions
NMFG [Periodical]
Nunaga Publishing

'O'Grady, Rohan' (June Skinner)
Olson, Charles
Open Letter [Periodical]

Pacific Nation
Persky, Stan
Pound, Ezra
Press of the Black Flag Raised
Prynne, Jeremy

Rattler, The
Recovery of the Public World (Robin Blaser Conference)
Reed, D.J.
Reid, James
Resusitator [Periodical]
Rice, Ingrid
Roberts, Kevin
Robertson, Lisa
Robinson, Eden
Room of One's Own [Periodical]

Sanders, Ed
Shreve, Sandy
Sibum, Norm
Skinner, June (Rohan O'Grady)
Snyder, Gary
Sono Nis Press
Souster, Raymond
Spicer, Jack
St. Pierre, Paul
Stafford, William
Stanley, George
Stuart, Colin
Sum [Periodical]

Tallman, Warren
Taylor, Timothy
Thesen, Sharon
Thomas, Bill
Trower, Peter
Tsunami Editions
Turnball, Gail
Turner, Michael
Twigg, Alan

Visible Verse

Wachtel, Eleanor
Wah, Fred
Watts, Charles
Waldman, Anne and Lewis Warsh
Wershler-Henry, Darren
West Coast Line [Periodical]
Whalen, Philip
Wieners, John
Wiley, W.D.
Women and Words
Writing In Our Time [Reading Series]

Zolf, Rachel
Zonailo, Carolyn
Zukofsky, Louis