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Brar, Arjan Singh
British Columbia Postcard Collection
British Columbia Provincial Police Veterans' Association (BCPPVA)
British Columbia Social Credit Women's Auxiliary
Brown, Harrison
Brown, Hilary

Canadian Farmworkers Union
Carnie, James
Chinese Cultural Revolution Posters
Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform (B.C.)
Communist Party of Canada

Doukhobor Collection | See also:  Finding aid to the Doukhobor Collection

Fisherman Publishing Society

Giguere, Perry | See: 'Perry The Poster Man' Collection
Ginger Goodwin (research collection)
Grant, Allan Garfield & Edith Moxon

Hawthornthwaite, James

International Woodworkers Association

Jackson, Robert (On to Ottawa)
Japanese Canadian Blue River Road Camp Collection
Japanese Canadian Historical Collection
Jerome, Harry and Valerie
Johnston, Hugh (South Asian research collection)

Klan, Yvonne
Kuzych, Myron

Legacy of John Gates Collection
Little Sisters Book & Art Emporium

Mai '68 Collection
McCarthy, Grace
McDonald Hellenic Collection
Mishaegen, Anne de

Occupy Vancouver Collection
On to Ottawa (Robert Jackson)
Operation Solidarity

Pacific Tribune
Paris 1968 Posters
Perls, Fritz
'Perry The Poster Man' Collection [Perry Giguere]
Philip Francis Postcard Collection
Piers Island “Sons of Freedom” Doukhobor Imprisonment Collection

Sidhoo, Ajaib (Jab)
Social Credit Collection
Sorokin, Stefan
Statement on the War in Vietnam

Tides of Men Oral History Collection
Trade Union Research Bureau
Tremaudan, Berte de

Vancouver Industrial Writers Union [V.I.W.U.]
Veterans Against Nuclear War

Walker, Ian
Woodsworth, J.S. and Lucy family
World War I Propaganda Posters
World War II Propaganda Posters