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Team leads

Michelle Levy, SFU SpokenWeb Lead
Department of English, Simon Fraser University

Michelle Levy

Michelle Levy (Co-applicant), Co-Director of the Digital Humanities Innovation Lab at SFU, brings a strong theoretical background in literary and media studies, and extensive expertise in data architecture and management that will prove useful for our creation of metadata standards necessary for the aggregation of diverse corpora of recorded literary readings. She is a member of the SpokenWeb Governing Board and Pedagogy Task Force.

Cole Mash, Project Manager, Sept. 2018 -
Department of English, Simon Fraser University

Cole Mash

Cole Mash is a second-year PhD student Simon Fraser University in the English department. His poetry has been published in Forget Magazine, The Eunoia Review, Papershell, and OK Magpie and his critical work has been published in Scholarly and Research Communication. He has worked on a number of major digital research projects as both RA and investigator, including the Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada project. He is managing director of the non-profit organization Inspired Word Café and of Kelowna Poetry Slam. His critical work centres on the formal and aesthetic aspects of performance poetry, in the traditions of spoken word and slam, with an emphasis on interpretation and pedagogy. He is the project manager of SpokenWeb’s SFU branch, and also sits on the Pedagogy Task Force and the Community Task Force.

Melissa Salrin, Head of Special Collections and Rare Books
Simon Fraser University

Melissa Salrin

Melissa Salrin is Head of Special Collections and Rare Books at Simon Fraser University. She is an adjunct lecturer for the iSchool at the University of Illinois where she earned an M.A. in history and M.L.I.S. She is interested in outreach, community-based collections, and examining archives as a political space.

Tony Power, Contemporary Literature Collection Librarian
Simon Fraser University

Tony Power

Tony Power is a librarian at SFU’s Bennett Library where he is responsible for curating the Contemporary Literature Collection in Special Collections & Rare Books. The CLC includes hundreds of hours of literary audio recordings. He is also an on-line bookseller specializing in modern first editions.

Current SpokenWeb Research Associates

Rohan Ben Joseph, Sept. 2019 -
Computing Science and Linguistics, Simon Fraser University

Rohan Ben Joseph

Rohan Ben Joseph is a second-year undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University, majoring in Computing Science and Linguistics. He is interested in Natural Language Processing and Data Analysis. He has experience as a research assistant for the SFU iXLabs working on Human-computer interaction under Dr. Parmit Chilana. His research on Software Daemons and Background Processes was published in the SFU Scientific Undergraduate Research Journal. He is currently working on Metadata processing and data visualisation in the SpokenWeb Project. He enjoys spending his spare time performing spoken word poetry, playing Minecraft and taking care of Artemis, his pet cocker spaniel.

Teddie Brock,  January 2021 -
Department of English, Simon Fraser University

Teddie Brock photo

Teddie Brock is an MA student in the Department of English at Simon Fraser University. Her research interests include poetry and poetics, theories of listening, and the relationship between urban space and digital infrastructure.

Nina Fesenko, January 2020-
SFU School of Communications and Department of English, Simon Fraser University

Nina Fesenko

Nina Fesenko is an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University, pursuing a double-major in English and Communication, along with a minor in Creative Writing. Her interests lie in interdisciplinary fields such as science communication and comparative literature, as she looks to explore the murky territory of where humanistic disciplines converge with one another, and with the social and natural sciences.

Linara Kolosov, May 2019 -
Department of English, Simon Fraser University

Linara Kolosov

Linara Kolosov is an MA student at Simon Fraser University in the English Department. As a member of the SpokenWeb team, she hopes to combine her interest in Print Culture studies, poetry, and research while working with the extensive collection in SFU Special Collections.

Kate Moffatt, October 2019 -
Department of English, Simon Fraser University

Kate Moffat

Kate Moffatt is a recent graduate of the MA program in SFU’s Department of English. Her research interests lie primarily with women’s pedestrianism in the Romantic period, and she brings a keen interest in book history, archives, and the digital humanities to her work as a Research Assistant for SpokenWeb. 

Moji Nourafkan, Sept. 2019 -
Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

Moji Nourafkan

Moji Nourafkan is an MA student at Simon Fraser University in the Education Department with a background in Computer Engineering. She has experience of working in an Education Technology team as a CALL (Computer-assisted Language Learning) expert. She was involved in producing education software, particularly for language acquisition purposes. She also has 5 years teaching experience in the ESL field and has been working as an ESL instructor in Canada since 2018.

Kandice Sharren, May 2020 -
Department of English, Simon Fraser University

Kandice Sharren

Kandice Sharren is a recent graduate of the PhD program in SFU’s Department of English. Her research focuses on print culture of the Romantic period, and she brings her experience with digital humanities, archival research, and book history to the SpokenWeb project.

Past SpokenWeb Research Associates

Deanna Fong, Sept. 2018 - August 2019
Department of English, Simon Fraser University/Concordia University

Deanna completed a PhD at SFU in the summer of 2019 and now is a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at Concordia University.  Her research project, “Towards an Ethics of Listening in Literary Study” intersects the fields of Oral History and Literature through an investigation of listening and storytelling practices. Her research focuses on the interactions of auditory media, event theory, literary communities, and affective labour. With Ryan Fitzpatrick and Janey Dodd, she co-directs the audio/multimedia archive of Canadian poet Fred Wah, and has done substantial cataloguing and critical work on the audio archives of Japanese-Canadian poet and painter Roy Kiyooka. She is the Student Representative on the SpokenWeb Governing Board and a part of the Metadata Task Force. She has also catalogued the “Readings in B.C.” collection of audio recordings at SFU Special Collections.

Jakob Knudsen, Sept. 2018 - August 2019
First Nations Studies, Simon Fraser University

Jakob Knudsen is an Indigenous writer of mixed Danish, Métis and Interior Salish ancestry from q̓ic̓əy̓, Stó:lō, and Kwantlen territory. His work investigates the perpetuation of colonial ideology and neoliberal hegemony in progressive spaces via Eurocentric thought. Using Trickster methodologies of reading and writing, he hopes to clarify patterns of harm and imbalances of power towards an egalitarian and intersectional understanding of class, race, gender, and imperialism. 

Isabella Wang, May 2019 -
Department of English, Simon Fraser University

Isabella Wang is a second-year undergrad, pursuing a double major in English and World Literature at SFU. Her research interests include studies in contemporary eco and urban poetics, Persian and Urdu poetry, poetry in translation, and specifically with SpokenWeb, the digital archives of the TISH poets and Phyllis Webb. She is the author of two poetry collections, On Forgetting a Language (Baseline Press 2019), and Pebble Swing (Nightwood Edition forthcoming 2021).