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Come hear poets Michael Boughn and Lissa Wolsak read

Reading by poets Michael Boughn and Lissa Wolsak on Thursday, February 1st, 2018


Michael Boughn and Lissa Wolsak will be reading in Special Collections on Thursday, February 1st, 2018 from 12:30 – 1:30 pm, with refreshments and a question period to follow.

Michael Boughn

Michael Boughn attended SFU from 1968-1970 where he was introduced to the World by Robin Blaser. As a result, he has published numerous books of poetry, and essays on postmodern culture in film, writing, architecture, and music. Cosmographia: A Post-Lucretian Faux Micro-epic was ‘accidentally’ (the author claims) short-listed for the Governor General’s Award for Poetry in 2011. Great Canadian Poems for the Aged Vol. 1 Illus. Ed. (2012), despite its Great Canadian Poems, was not short-listed for anything. With Victor Coleman, he edited Robert Duncan’s The H.D. Book (2011). Other work includes Nine Blue Moments for Robin (2011), City: A Poem from the End of the World (2016), and Hermetic Divagations (2017), a gesture arising out of his lifelong devotion to the work of H.D., to whom he was introduced by Blaser. He is currently writing The Book of Uncertain: A Manual and editing the online disturbance known as Dispatches from the Poetry Wars. He can be found in or near Toronto hanging out in dog parks or herding sheep with his canine friend, Case.

Lissa Wolsak

Lissa Wolsak is a poet, goldsmith and Master of Energy Psychology presently living in Langley, B.C. She is the author of The Garcia Family Co-Mercy; Pen Chants, or nth or 12 Spiritlike Impermanences; A Defence of Being; An Heuristic Prolusion; Squeezed Light: Collected Works 1995 – 2004 and Of Beings Alone which won the bpNichol Award in 2015. The complete longpoem Of Beings Alone: The Eigenface was recently published by TinFish Press. Her soonest forthcoming book this year is LIGHTSAIL from Xeroxial Editions. In the works for late 2019 is an extended collaboration and two-way interview with the visual artist, philosopher and psychoanalyst Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger.

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Special Collections is located in room 7100 on the 7th floor of the W.A.C. Bennett Library, Simon Fraser University, 8888 University Drive, Burnaby.


Michael Boughn and Lissa Wolsak


February 1


12:30 - 1:30


Special Collections, 7th Floor, Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby)

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