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Dispatches from the Poetry wars banner showing soldiers and a horse wearing gas masks

Dispatches from the Poetry Wars was a lively, often contentious North American literary website with a strong satirical, anti-academic and pro-New American Poetry bent. It published poetry, fiction, letters, interviews, documents, polemics, satire, art work, video and audio material. 

Working with the editors of Dispatches, Digital Library Services and Special Collections captured an interactive web archive of the website and its content. 


Published between April 2016 and May 2020 under the co-editorship of poets Michael Boughn and Kent Johnson, Dispatches was a self-described “Temporary Autonomous Zone within the poetry field … a centre for loose, interconnected gathering of poets outside the established hierarchies of University based careerist cabals and networks to gather, share work, and address, often satirically, the Official Verse Culture (which includes the Official Avant-Garde)”.

Executive editors included the NAP scholar Miriam Nichols, poet/scholar/translator/publisher Ammiel Alcalay, and the poets MTC Cronin, Benjamin Hollander, Andrew Levy, André Spears, Sharon Thesen and Patrick James Dunagan. 

Dispatches Editions, a publishing arm, grew out of the magazine and issued 15 titles between 2017 and 2020.