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The Student Learning Commons  provides expert and friendly help with academic writing, learning, and study strategies — in an environment of collaboration, discussion, and peer learning.

  • SLC Stamp Card Contest

    SLC stamp card contest & prizes

    Win SLC stamp card prizes!

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  • SLC Undergraduate Writing Contest

    Enter the SLC Undergraduate Writing Contest

    The SLC Writing Contest opens November 28th 2022.

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  • Neurolanguage Coaching

    Neurolanguage Coaching

    Calm your learning anxiety with personalised language coaching.

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  • Let's Talk Food!

    Let's Talk Food!

    We have food every day. Something as mundane as food can spark interesting conversations. Join us to discuss food and share our passion for our favourite dishes!

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  • Let's Talk Life!

    Let's Talk Life!

    We believe everybody has a story to tell, life experiences that make you who you are.

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