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WriteAway is back! Get 24/7 online feedback for your undergraduate paper

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WriteAway is an SFU-approved online writing service for undergraduate writers. It operates 12 weeks each term and is now open until Wednesday December 4.

It's quick and simple to submit an academic paper or a brief writing question. Go to "Connect with a Tutor," click on "SFU," then click "Submit Your Assignment" or "Submit a Writing Question" and fill in the fields. That's it!

You can submit up to three drafts of an academic paper. Professionally trained writing tutors provide personalized feedback to help you improve your writing process and revise your own work more effectively. Tutors do not correct or proofread writing or give feedback on the content of an assignment.

Tutors aim to respond to papers within 48 hours; however, response times increase closer to term-end or just after statutory holidays.


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Sept. 16 to Dec. 4