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Student Learning Commons: Writing and Learning Peers

Writing and Learning Peer Educators are student volunteers who help their fellow students in learning strategies -- such as study skills, note-taking, time management, and exam preparation -- and a variety of academic writing strategies. They are selected based on their transcripts, writing samples, faculty recommendations, and an interview process, and receive in-depth ongoing training on topics such as interpersonal communications, effective and ethical tutoring techniques, writing-in-the-disciplines, and language structure.

The SLC Writing and Learning Peer Program has earned an internationally recognized tutoring credential (Level 2 of the College Reading and Learning Association's International Tutor Program Certification).

If you might be interested in becoming a Writing and Learning Peer Educator, more information is available here.

Fall 2019:  Burnaby Campus

Emily L
Bianca V. is a Philosophy major, Education minor. She has also taken courses in Psychology, Linguistics, and Cognitive Science. Her philosophy paper was published in the Sophia: University of Victoria Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy and she was invited to speak at the Western Canadian Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. She has a love of learning and enjoys helping students achieve their goals by tailoring her approach to meet the needs of each student. She has been a Writing and Learning Peer since September 2018. Her native language is English. She is also proficient in American Sign Language (ASL) and working towards fluency. 

NOTE: Bianca cannot take consultations for EDUC 230 and PHIL 350 as she is currently taking those courses.

Emily L
Darren S. studies at the Beedie School of Business, concentrating in Accounting, but is also considering pursuing a second concentration in Management Information Systems. He has experience particularly with business communication, having worked at multiple firms including InsureBC and KPMG. Outside of business he has taken multiple English courses, all of which he has enjoyed, and has also taken courses in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Geography, and Archaeology. He enjoys helping students in their general studies and providing advice for those adjusting to university life, and encourages all to drop by.

Emily L

Deeya B. (pronouns: she/ her/ hers), is a joint Health Sciences and Philosophy major. Her interests in these fields span from understanding the social determinants of health to identifying plausible solutions to moral dilemmas of autonomy and justice. Deeya has a keen interest in learning for personal growth, and has supplemented her academic journey by taking Communications, Linguistics, and Earth Sciences classes. At the Student Learning Commons (SLC), Deeya has been a Learning and Writing Peer since September 2017. She enjoys the open-minded, student focused, and welcoming atmosphere of the SLC and works to establish and maintain genuine and resourceful connections through all her consultations. 

NOTE: Deeya cannot take consultations for HSCI 340, PHIL 350 and PHIL 344, as she is currently enrolled in those classes.

Emily L
Emily L. (she/her/hers) is a SFU student who lives, studies and works on unceded Coast Salish territories. She is currently intending to pursue a BSc in Health Sciences in the Population-Quantitative Stream and a Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship through the Beedie School of Business. She speaks fluent French and Cantonese and can understand and speak some Spanish and German. Emily is a feminist, strong advocate for social equity and a lifelong learner who is dedicated to helping her peers improve their writing and learning skills.

NOTE: Emily cannot take consultations for BISC 202, HSCI 215, HSCI 307 or HSCI 312 as she is currently taking those courses.

Emily L
Katrina M. (she/her/hers) is a Behavioural Neuroscience Major with a Minor in Gerontology at Simon Fraser University. This will be Katrina’s second semester volunteering with the Student Learning Commons as a Learning and Writing Peer. Katrina has taken various courses in her academic career including courses within the departments of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, philosophy, gerontology, biomedical physiology and psychology. Some notable writing intensive courses that she has completed include PSYC 201W, 300W, PHIL 100W, GERO 302 and 413.

NOTE: Katrina cannot take consultations for BPK 407, 426, GERO 300 or PSYC 386 as she is currently taking these courses.

Emily L
Pavneet G. (she/her/hers) is a SFU student who is pursuing a major in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and a minor in Biomedical Physiology. During her undergraduate degree, she has also taken courses in Political Science, Psychology, and English. Pavneet started volunteering at the Student Learning Commons in September 2017, and is committed to providing individualized and friendly consultations to students looking for additional writing and learning support. She can also understand and speak some Punjabi and Hindi if needed to facilitate the learning process.

NOTE: Pavneet cannot take consultations for BISC 303, or for BPK 305, 306 or 310, as she is currently taking those courses.

Fall 2019:  Surrey Campus

Emily L
Helen L. is a Philosophy and Political Science double major and a French extended minor student, studying on unceded Coast Salish territories. She is fluent in French and Mandarin Chinese. She also writes poetry, some of which can be found published by the Poetry Institute of Canada.

NOTE: Helen cannot take consultations for FREN 333, FREN 340, PHIL 326, POL 347, and POL 359 as she is currently taking those courses.

Helen L. est en train de poursuivre un double majeur en philosophie et en science politique, avec une mineure prolongée en français. Ses études se déroulent sur les terres traditionnelles des peuples Salish du littoral. Elle parle couramment le français et le chinois mandarin et d’ailleurs, elle écrit des poèmes, quelques-uns publiés par l’Institut Canadien de la Poésie.

VEUILLEZ NOTER: Helen ne peut pas prendre des consultations pour FREN 333, FREN 340, PHIL 326, POL 347, et POL 359 comme elle est actuellement inscrite dans ces cours.