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Graduate Facilitators: Undergraduate Writing Team

Daniel C. is a first-year PhD student in Educational Psychology. He completed both his BA and MA in Linguistics at SFU. His research interests include EAL (English as an Additional Language) university students' academic literacy development, L2 reading and writing relationships, and use of metacognitive strategies in reading and writing. Daniel is currently a TA for FAL x99 and so cannot take consultations related to this course.

Eleonora J. is a PhD candidate in the Philosophy of Education program. Her educational background includes a B.A in Psychology and an M.Ed in Philosophy of Education. Her current research is on disgust and its role in identity and ethics. In particular, she is trying to understand how the elements of repulsion and fascination in the disgust experience impact how we come to a sense of ourselves and how we navigate encounters with others. Eleonora enjoys working at the SLC as it gives her the opportunity to work with students from across the disciplines. She especially enjoys supporting students in using their existing strengths to become stronger writers.

Jennesia P. is a PhD Candidate in the School of Communication in the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology. Her research interests include children, youth, and media cultures, histories of childhood, and film adaptation studies. Jennesia received her BA in Communication and English Literature from Carleton University and her MA in Media Studies from the University of Western Ontario. In addition to her work as a teaching assistant at SFU, Jennesia is a frequent contributor to the "Endnotes" column in Geist Magazine.

Marie B. is a PhD candidate in the biology department at SFU. Her research interests lie in animal behaviour, evolution and conservation, and her thesis focuses on the ecology of a previously unstudied bird endemic to French Polynesia. She has traveled extensively but is initially from France and she loves writing, both in French and English. Her teaching experiences include one-on-one teaching of various subjects and years of TAing at SFU. Always energetic and enthusiastic, she finds a lot of joy in getting students in difficulty up to speed and she loves brain-storming with others.

Marie provides English and French consultations in Summer, and French-only consultations in Fall and Spring.

Marie B. est une thésarde dans le département de biologie à SFU. Ses intérêts scientifiques incluent comportement animal, évolution et conservation et son sujet de thèse se penche sur l'écologie d'une espèce d'oiseau encore non étudiée et endémique de Polynésie Française. Originaire de France, elle a beaucoup voyagé et elle est passionnée par l'écriture, en anglais comme en français. Elle a donné des cours particuliers dans de nombreuses matières et elle a des années d'expérience comme "TA" à SFU. Toujours enthousiaste et énergique, elle trouve une grande satisfaction à aider les étudiants en difficulté ainsi qu'à réfléchir avec ses élèves.

Robyn L. is a PhD candidate in Educational Psychology. She completed a BA in English and Psychology and an MS in Educational Psychology and Methodology from the State University of New York at Albany, where she also worked as a writing tutor for three years. Her current research focuses on Montessori Education and prosocial behavior, although she also enjoys studying the history of psychology and educational philosophy. Other academic interests include sociology, rhetoric and composition, and literary theory. After working at the SLC for the past three years, Robyn continues to enjoy being part of the team, always appreciating how much she learns from her students’ and colleagues’ works.