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Graduate Facilitators: Learning / Back on Track Team

Our Learning/Back on Track team is comprised of paid SFU graduate students in the role of facilitators committed to helping students develop and improve their academic learning strategies, such as study techniques, academic reading, note-taking and time management. Graduate facilitators support the Back on Track program by working with students one-on-one to create individualized learning plans and meet with students in group settings to facilitate discussions about academic learning. They also facilitate workshops at the SLC and for campus partners.


Alex P
Alex P. is a PhD candidate in Educational Psychology at SFU with a MA in Psychology (University of Vienna) and a background as early childhood educator. Throughout her studies, she has been committed to finding solutions for problems faced by students. Her research focuses on academic self-handicapping and procrastination. In the Ed Psych research lab at SFU, she also works on strategies for time management and the use of technology for more effective learning. From her experience as a researcher, educator and international student, she understands the various challenges of university life and is looking forward to team up with you and help you overcome these challenges.

Donya S
Donya S. is a PhD student in Educational Psychology at SFU, and completed her MA thesis in Spring 2017, titled "Self-Explanation and Self-Questioning Prompts in Online Medical Health Learning." Her educational background includes a BSc in Life Sciences at UBC, with a minor in Psychology. She also completed the Certificate Program for University Teaching and Learning. Donya is interested in researching how students can best learn while studying online. She works as a Teaching Assistant and a Research Assistant in the Ed Psych Learning Sciences lab, involved in research using online learning software (nStudy) to develop features and learning analytics that help students study more actively and effectively.

Nicole A
Nicole A. is an MA student in Arts Education at SFU, with an interest in arts-based research. She holds a BA in World Literature, where she continues to work as a Teaching Assistant. She is also a poet, avid dancer, and a Research Assistant with the Art for Social Change (ASC!) Research Project.

Suzanna M
Suzanna M. is a PhD student in the School of Criminology specializing in forensic science. She has her MSc from the University of Sheffield, UK, and her BA from UBC. She works as a teaching assistant for science-based courses in the School of Criminology, as a laboratory supervisor in the Centre for Forensic Research, and has recently taken on a position as a Graduate Writing Facilitator for the SLC. Having been a post-secondary student for over a decade, she understands the difficulties and stressors associated with university life and learning, and is looking forward to working with students to overcome these challenges. When she's not working or studying, Suzanna enjoys hiking with her dog.

Korrie G. is a current Masters student in Criminology at SFU who has completed her Honours thesis in the Spring of 2017, titled " “Everyday Systemic Violence”: The Canadian Media’s Portrayal of Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls from 1998 to 2015". Her educational background includes a BA in Criminology, with an extended minor in Psychology. She has also completed a Certificate in Legal Studies and a Certificate in Liberal Arts. Korrie is currently working on her MA thesis "Learning to Walk in the Good Way: A White Occupier’s Path to Supporting Indigenous Justice in the Crisis of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls". She also works as a Teaching Assistant in Criminology, a tutor at the Burnaby Youth Custody Center, and a Personal Trainer who is an avid athelete (particularly in soccer). 

Leah W. is a PhD candidate in the Department of History. Following a Master of Research in History at King's College London, and a BA in history and women's and gender studies at the University of Toronto, her research at SFU considers the development of health policies in northern Ontario. She has also worked as an instructor and teaching assistant for courses in the history department and interdisciplinary, community-based courses. Outside of the classroom, Leah enjoys singing in choirs and fostering cats.