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Graduate Facilitators - Graduate Writing Team

Graduate writing facilitators provide support for graduate students working on their theses, term papers, journal articles, grant applications, and other writing related to their graduate studies. Facilitators work with students one-­on-­one through in-­person consultations and online support at all three campuses and for students working at a distance. Furthermore they facilitate open and integrated workshops, the Open Writing Labs, and are active with both the Thesis Boot Camp and reBoot.


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Alicia M. is a PhD student in the School of Communication. Her current work focuses on the intersection of labour, gender, and political economy. She earned a MA in Applied Linguistics from Carleton University, where her work centred on language, power, and corporate legitimation. She has been a teacher and language nerd since her undergraduate, and has worked as a teaching assistant, curriculum designer, writing coach, and workshop facilitator at three different universities in Canada.

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Benjamin A. is a PhD Candidate in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University where he studies work and labour in the 21st century. Before coming to BC, he earned his MA in Communication from Johns Hopkins University and BA in Communication and Theatre from Lewis & Clark College. He has worked as a teaching assistant for various courses in Communication and has served as a research assistant on studies of work in Vancouver's software industry, debt activism, and cultural worker organizing.

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Eleonora J. holds a B.A in Psychology, an M.Ed in Philosophy of Education, and a PhD in Philosophy of Education. She is currently working on her M.A in Counselling Psychology. Her current research is on disgust and identifying ways in which it can be meaningfully addressed in therapeutic contexts. Eleonora enjoys working at the SLC as it gives her the opportunity to work with students from across disciplines. She especially enjoys supporting students in using their existing strengths to become stronger writers.

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Poh T.
 is pursuing a second doctorate in Faculty of Education. Her research focuses on science literacy in the early years. Poh also holds a PhD in Experimental Medicine and stem cell research from the University of British Columbia.  After graduating, she worked in the biotech industry and eventually became a successful entrepreneur where she is the founder and CEO of two businesses. She has extensive experience in different writing styles and formats in science, education and business.    Poh also had an extensive background in public speaking and presentations.  She was a 2013 TEDx speaker and has presented to both national and international audience from a variety of levels, including academic and industry.

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Vanja Z. is currently a Masters Student in the School of Criminology. Before that, she completed both a BA (Hons) in criminology and a BA in political science and dialogue at SFU. Throughout her time at the university, she has worked as a Learning and Writing Peer Educator at the SLC, a Graduate Writing Facilitator with the undergraduate writing team, and as a Teaching Assistant in the school of criminology. She enjoys helping students become better, more confident, writers and is passionate about giving others the tools to battle writing stress and anxiety. She also enjoys being exposed to many different projects, students, and ideas through her facilitation work.