Procrastination Awareness Week - March 4-8

Procrastination Awareness Week image with cheetah and tiger paws

Work on your academic to-do lists alongside students from across the country

Workshops, study halls, and social events

During National Procrastination Week, staff from across Canada are coming together to offer a week of workshops, study halls, and social events to university and college students in 6 of the country's 10 provinces!

Procrastination Awareness Week programming is focused on supporting students to make progress on their end-of-term to do lists and raising general awareness about managing procrastination. You might be surprised to find what a difference it makes to work alongside others, even when we are all online!

Dates and times

Programming runs from Monday March 4-Friday March 8, every day 9am-2pm PST (with some bonus pre- and post-event programming on some days as well). Attend what you want, when you want, with no obligation to participate throughout the week.

Who can join 

All students from the participating universities and colleges  - including SFU - are warmly encouraged to join.

March 4-8
9-2pm each day (Pacific), with some bonus pre and post programming
Registration information

Register for free.

Registration gives you full access to come and go throughout the entire week of programming. 

Learning Specialists' Association of Canada (LSAC)
Contact for further information