Explore students' photos and reflections on student life and academic success in the Photovoice exhibit

A montage of images showing the SFU Burnaby campus

You're invited to view an exhibit that showcases undergraduate students' photographs and reflections on their experiences as students and their thoughts and feelings about "academic success." 

Visit the Photovoice 2024 exhibit

Since December 2023, a cohort of 10 undergraduate students have participated in the Photovoice project coordinated by the Student Learning Commons (SLC), and supported by SFU Public Square.

Through the photovoice methodology, created by Caroline C. Wang and Mary Ann Burris in the early 1990s, the participants took photos of their daily lives and experiences as students, including photos that resonated symbolically with their thoughts and feelings about “academic success.” These photos document strengths, challenges, hopes, and fears, and were followed by reflection pieces by the students and rich discussions as a cohort. 

SFU Library is honoured to host this exhibit of students' photographs and reflection pieces. Through the publication of their art, the cohort is hopeful that decision-makers at various levels of the university will view, connect, and understand the student experience through a personal and vulnerable lens. 


There are times in your journey where you can be easily bridled with moments of uncertainty and anxious breakdowns. The path is not easy, and quite frankly, difficult to find at times. Yet, such a path can still be lit up.

Cairen Nicole Galarion Velasquez

Visit the exhibit in-person or online:

  • Drop by the in-person exhibit at Bennett Library (Burnaby campus), on the north side of the 3rd floor
  • View the online exhibit hosted by SFU Public Square

Share your experiences and engage with the exhibit

  • Students: share your own reflections and experiences about student life and academic success
    • Pick up a postcard at our in-person exhibit, and write your own message or response
    • Share your reflections through our anonymous online survey
  • University decision-makers, faculty, and staff: Visit the exhibit in order to view, connect, and understand the student experience through a personal and vulnerable lens

When I was in my first year, I was overwhelmed by the new world in front of me. I was confused and juggling academic and social life. I am sure others felt the same way, and why not? It was everyone's first experience. 

Vinisha Kadyan