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For students: Successful Exam Writing Webinar


During COVID-19, SLC services continue online. See Services offered by the Student Learning Commons for the complete range.


The Student Learning Commons is offering a webinar on Successful Exam Writing next Thursday, March 26 from 2:30 Pacific.  When it was an in-person workshop, it was supposed to end at 3:20, but we can go as long as we need or want in this format.  Please take a look at the workshop description, and register here, where there is also a link to join the workshop that day.  

Please note that the original workshop on which the webinar is based does not specifically address online exams.  However, the facilitator will include an opportunity for participants to discuss the online format, and will also research the topic in advance.

In addition, please see this page for resources for succeeding in online courses.


Ruth Silverman, Learning Services Coordinator


March 26, 2020


2:30 PM Pacific time




Student Learning Commons

Contact for further information

Ruth Silverman