Research Meets Policy @ SFU Summer Institute 2023


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Are you interested in developing your research communication skills?

Apply to attend the Research Meets Policy summer institute

Graduate students and post doctoral fellows are invited to apply to the SFU Knowledge Mobilization Hub Research Meets Policy @ SFU (RMP@SFU) summer institute. This exciting week-long virtual institute will take you beyond traditional scholarly outputs and increase your potential for policy engagement and impact.

The summer institute will be held from July 17th - 21st, 2023, 9:00am – 12:30pm on Zoom.


Why should you attend? 

  • Build your network: RMP@SFU is an opportunity to cultivate your network of policy makers and connect with a cross-disciplinary cohort of SFU peers.  
  • Develop your communications expertise: Academic writing and presentation conventions are not conducive to informing different audiences of your research. In this program you will learn how to engage, speak, and write for policy makers and peers in other disciplines.
  • Gain transferable skills: Being able to connect and engage across sectors and disciplines will contribute to success in work environments inside and outside academia.
  • Get recognized: All fellows who participate in the RMP@SFU summer institute will obtain a certificate of completion.

RMP@SFU agenda

The institute will include experiential learning opportunities, such as developing and sharing key messages, writing, and presentations.

Each day will be facilitated by different experts and will include presentations from policy makers.

Day 1 | Who, what, when and where is policy: This foundational workshop will cover the background of policy-making and develop skills in the initial stages of communicating research to policy, such as identifying audiences and mapping the policy landscape. 

Day 2 | Listen-in--Connecting with your audience: To be a good speaker, we must begin with being good listeners. Skills that will be built and practiced during the session include reflecting, listening, and considering your audience. 

Day 3 | Writing for policy makers: Academic writing is not conducive for conveying complex scientific information to policy makers. This workshop will teach the basics of writing popular non-fiction, why and how to write for a policy audience including introducing writing policy briefs, identifying policy windows, and linking to policy directives.

Day 4 | Getting the media involved: Often public engagement on a topic can garner policy makers' attention. This workshop will focus on writing and interviewing for traditional media including developing speaking points and how to address challenging media situations. 

Day 5 | Celebration of learning: All participants will do a 2 minute presentation on their research that integrates the lessons from the week with time for feedback and closing remarks from an invited speaker.

July 17-21
9:00am - 12:30pm, daily
Contact for further information

Applications Closed

Stay tuned for announcements next year for the 2024 summer institute.