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Introduction to Git and Version Control

In this beginner's introduction to Git you will learn the basics of working with Git version control from Linux command line. We will start by cloning a remote repository and will use it to collaborate on an article, where each participant contributes a few lines of text and merges it into the project.


  • No need to install Git on your machine, as we will be using a remote Linux system. We will not be using GitHub, so no need for a GitHub account either.
  • However, you will need to bring your laptop with wireless access and with a remote secure shell (SSH) client installed:
    • If you are on a Mac or Linux laptop, you already have it installed.
    • If you are on Windows and don't have SSH installed (or don't know what it is), please install the free edition of MobaXterm from
  • We will provide guest accounts on a remote Linux machine.
  • We assume no previous knowledge of the Linux command line or version control.

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