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Getting started with emacs

Emacs is (along with Vim) one of the two most powerful text editors out there. They both are amongst the oldest software still in use (they started in the 70s!) and, thanks to a horde of passionate developers, grew over four decades to become monsters of power and beauty. They are absolutely free: GNU Emacs was actually created by Richard Stallman, a software freedom activist and author of copyleft and GNU GPL. Thousands of packages were written to extend emacs capabilities to handle emails with joy (for real), have syntax highlighting and run codes in most coding languages, keep notes, organize todos, plan projects, compare files and directories, write papers, play games, read the news... all that with efficient keybindings :\

... and of course... in plain text!
Have I picked your curiosity?

Come to this introductory level workshop to discover what emacs is and what it can do. Even if you do not plan on learning emacs, being exposed to its world could be inspiring and make you reconsider your workflow and work tools. If you intend on playing with emacs during the workshop, come with a version installed on your machine (see below).

Visit this page for instructions on how to install emacs as well as some of the material covered during the workshop.


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