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Data Analysis with R

In this workshop we will focus on collecting data from a online source, follow by cleaning and parsing data for analysis and visualization. We will explore a few libraries in R, including tidyverse, rvest and stringr for data manipulation and analysis.


  • Intermediate knowledge in R;
  • Dependency: R, RStudio,
  • Library: tidyverse, rvest, stringr


Note: This workshop is organized and facilitated by SciProg. SciProg—short for Scientific Programming Study Group—is dedicated to building a community of SFU researchers who perform computational data analysis as part of their academic work. SciProg promotes skill sharing and collaboration by (1) organizing 60 to 90-minute interactive workshops covering a wide range of software tools, (2) providing Q&A sessions for peer-to-peer assistance and collaboration, and (3) bringing researchers together at social events like Hacky Hours.


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