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Lightning Talks

Join us for informal, fast-paced presentations on a common theme. Delivered by graduate students from a range of departments, Lightning Talks give students the opportunity to:

  • share their research across disciplines
  • make connections
  • learn about various methodologies
  • build new skills, presentation techniques, and approaches.

A Lightning Talks event features up to 10 theme-based presentations (each under 5 minutes) from graduate students, followed by a Q+A panel discussion. Audience and presenters are invited to enjoy snacks and refreshments. 

These events are open to all SFU graduate students, faculty, and staff, so please encourage others to attend!


NVivo Symposium

NVivo Lightning Talks

Event date and time: Thursday, April 23, 2015, 10:45am to 11:45am

Location: Terasen Cinema, Harbour Centre Room 1800, SFU Vancouver


  • Jane Wakefield. NVivo Illuminates Multiple Perspectives on Strengths of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity.
  • Carla Kronberg. Piecing Together the Puzzle: a Teacher's Formative Assessment Practices.
  • Jose Arias-Bustamente. Using NVivo in Indigenous Knowledge Based Research: Climate Change and Forest Management.
  • Sarah Stott-Eveneshen. Using NVivo for Mixed and Multi-method Research. 
  • Stephan Struve. Tweeting Genomics: using Twitter Data to Gauge Public Opinion.
  • Masha Tkachouk. NVivo is the Obsessively Organized Person's Dream.
  • Alisa Stanton. Exploring Well-being in Learning Environments.
  • Maryam Mozafari. The Usage of NVivo10 in Digital Humanities.


Past Themes:


GIS day - lightning talks


Event date and time: Wednesday, November 19th, 2014, 12pm-1:30pm

Location: Research Commons Space, 7th Floor W.A.C. Bennett Library, SFU Burnaby


  • Shannon Linning. Criminology. Using GIS and the Spatial Point Pattern Test in Crime Analysis
  • Charlie Consolo. Geography. Geohazards: Mapping Abandoned Underground Mines in Ohio
  • Reza Shadnam and Bob Arnold. Survey of the GIS Field: Ideas for Research Funding
  • Bryn Montgomery. Geography. Comparison of GIS Optimization Methods for Agricultural Land Suitability Analysis
  • Taylor Anderson. Geography. Simulating Insect Infestation: GIS and Agent-Based Approaches
  • Danielle Dagenais. Biological Sciences. Understanding the Movements of Nocturnal Animals
  • Wendy Lee and Douglas Corkery. Facilities Services, Campus Planning and Development. GIS for Facilities Management at SFU

Digital Culture

Image illustrating digital culture


Event date and time: Tuesday, November 12th, 2013, 2pm-4pm

Location: Room 7200, Bennett Library, SFU Burnaby


  • Deanna Fong. English. Mapping Audio-biography: Encountering and Developing  the Roy Kiyooka Audio Archive
  • Alice Huang. History. Old Wives' Tales 2.0? "Citizen Doctors" and Health  Literacy in the Digital Age
  • Megan Robertson. Communication. Mediating Memory
  • Janey Dodd and Ryan Fitzpatrick. English. The Calgary Poetics Archive: Digitizing Small Press  Circulations in Calgary from 1990-2010


Globalization and Health

Image illustrating health and globalization 

Event date and time: Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013, 2pm-4pm

Location: GSS Lounge (Room 2212, Maggie Benston Ctr, SFU Burnaby) 


  • Maryam Kiani. Communications. Knowledge Translation and Digital Storytelling
  • MC Breadner. Health Sciences. Return to Work Experiences of Nurses
  • Alice Huang. History. On Pins and Needles: Use of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine by the Canadian Medical Establishment, 1860-1910
  • Krystyna Adams. Health Sciences. Policy and Planning for Medical Tourism: Perspectives from Barbadian Health Care Providers
  • Julia Lane. Education. Clowning Around with Globalization and Health: This Ain't No Laughing Matter



Image illustrating sustainability

Event date and time: Thursday, July 18th, 2013, 2pm-4pm

Location: Thesis Defence Room (Room 2020, Bennett Library, SFU Burnaby). 


  • Karol Swietlicki. Computing Science. The Smallest Computers: Binary Decision Machines.
  • Adrienne Kinzel. Urban Studies. Sustainable Streets: Traffic Calming and Miniparks in Vancouver's West End.
  • Laura Guzman Flores. Geography. Beyond the Carbon Tax: Personal Carbon Trading and British Columbia's Climate Policy.
  • Stephen Makonin. Computing Science. Load Disaggregation for Energy Conservation.
  • Erin Adams. Biological Sciences. Use and Development of Integrated Pest Management Tools in Agriculture.


Lightning Talks are hosted by the Graduate Student Society and the Research Commons. 

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