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Using R's help files

R and R packages come with help files that are incredibly invaluable and should be consulted whenever you are unsure what the various arguments or any function and their default values are. Yet, few students make use of them because nobody has taught them how they work and how they can be used. This workshop will cover:

  • the different types of help files in R,
  • how to read and efficiently use the function help files.

By the end of the workshop, help files which might have seemed cryptic, scary, and written in a foreign language to you before, will make perfect sense and have become your best friends in R.

Target audience:
This workshop is open to current SFU students, staff, and faculty with basic knowledge of R.

Participants need to bring a laptop with the latest R release and the latest CRAN version of the package "tidyverse". Download R from and install the tidyverse package by running install.packages("tidyverse") in R.

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