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NVivo 12 is here: Install or update today!

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SFU Library's Research Commons is pleased to announce that we have renewed our site license for qualitative data analysis software, NVivo, and the latest version, NVivo 12 is now available.

If you're a new NVivo user, you can get started with NVivo 12 right away, by downloading the software and accessing the license key.

If you've been using NVivo 11, you'll be able to install NVivo 12 and continue to work on your qualitative data analysis project(s), with access to new features. Your existing license key will expire at the end of April 2018, but you can find the download for NVivo 12 and the new license key via our Getting Started page.

SFU Library computers and laptops will transition to NVivo 12 by May 1.

As always, we are here to support you through this transition and with your NVivo use.

Please contact with your questions about installation and the license. Or, request a consultation with one of our Graduate Peer NVivo Facilitators.