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Got Data? Use R for Data Visualization

Data visualization is the process of graphically representing data. Visualizing data allows you to draw insights, find patterns, as well as define and test models which might be difficult to create by observing raw data only. There are a number of R packages which help you with numerous types of visualizations.
By the end of this workshop you will be able to use R to create 2D scatter plots, bar charts, and box plots, and use R functions to ease the process of finding linear relationships and models using data provided throughout the workshop. Additionally, you will learn about selecting appropriate colour palettes for your plots. Depending on interest and time, we will explore adding interactivity to your plots. 


  • Bring your own laptop
  • Willingness to learn more about R (whether for the first time or as an experienced R programmer)
  • Install the latest version of R and Rstudio 

Required libraries

  • ggplot2,
  • patchwork,
  • RColorBrewer,
  • ggiraph (if time permits).

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