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Slide Collection

Table of contents:

1.   Location & Hours
2.   The collection
3.   The users
4.   Building the collection

1. Location

The Slide Collection is located in the Media Resource Centre (Room 3100) on the Third Floor of Bennett Library and is accessible during library opening hours.

2. The Collection

The Slide Collection offers over 48,000 images for use by members of the university community.

Paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, architecture, manuscripts, and performances in theatre and dance are represented in the Slide Collection for periods from the prehistoric to the contemporary. Larger sets include Canada's visual history, Towards a national image: painting in Canada, The History of Photography, EAV audiovisual history of music, VRI slide library of world theatre, The commedia dell'arte, VRI slide library of dance history, Dance of the Twentieth Century, and The History of Architecture in France and in England.

Slides are listed in the Library Computer Catalogue. You can look for individual slides in the Library Catalogue in several ways:

1. Search by WORD [keyword] using the word "slide", e.g. Leonardo and last supper and slide. Recommended if you are looking for a specific work by a known artist.

2. Search by the artist's name as author or subject, and limit by format, e.g. AUTHOR: Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519 > then under SEARCH SPECIFIC COLLECTIONS > then select SLIDES.

3. Search by the title of a work, and limit by format, e.g. TITLE: Last supper > then under SEARCH SPECIFIC COLLECTIONS > then select SLIDES.

4. Catalogue entries for slides have the series [SFU slide collection]. Click on this link to see a list of all the slides in the collection.

The Library has some slides in digital format. These images are listed in the Library Computer Catalogue with a link to the digital image. An example is the Artspeak Image Archive.

In the Media Resource Centre, slides are organized in labeled drawers, arranged alphabetically by artist within national groupings or by geographic area or specific media. Some sets are filed in their own cases.

Slide viewers and a light table are provided in the Media Resource Centre for use in organizing lectures. Slides may be placed on course reserve by faculty and instructors, for viewing in the Media Resource Centre.

For classroom viewing, projectors are available in some classrooms or may be borrowed from the Classroom Technology Assistance staff (see map for locations).

3. The Users

The Schools of Contemporary Arts and Communication, the Faculty of Education, the Departments of English, French, Geography, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, Women's Studies and the Humanities Program are among those whose members have used the Slide Collection. Users from all disciplines are welcome.

Faculty and teaching assistants may borrow slides for a one-week period for use in class presentations or research. Students may borrow slides on three day loan for use in classroom presentations or study purposes.

4. Building the Collection

Media Resource Centre staff are pleased to receive suggestions for additions to the Slide Collection. A collection of slide catalogues is available for browsing.

Please call Media Resource Centre staff at 778.782.4497 or the Bennett Library Reference Desk at 778.782.5735 for further information.