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MISinformation exhibit: an IAT 103W exhibit

About the exhibit

Misinformation is defined as information that is intended to be false or inaccurate information and can be used to deceive (Merriam-Webster, n.d.).

MISinformation showcases posters created by students in Interactive Arts & Technology’s (IAT) Design Communication and Collaboration class (IAT 103W, D100) from Fall 2021.

Everyday, we process information from different sources, but the process of differentiating real and false information is difficult. How do we know its intent and meaning as information can be misleading?

Students were asked to design a poster campaign to bring awareness of misinformation and share strategies on how to identify and address it.

See the exhibit

The exhibit is located in Fraser Library at the center of the rotunda area. 

Special thanks

Special thanks to Wynnie Chung (Instructor) and Sasha Kleinplatz (Teaching Assistant) from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology for their collaboration and support.


Merriam-Webster. (n.d.). Misinformation. In dictionary. Retrieved January 11, 2022, from

May 1 - May 31
Fraser Library (SFU Surrey)
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