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  • Procrastination Videos (McMaster University) - Scroll down to "Procrastination Avoidance Made Practical" and "Winning Through Wedging," which provide the best procrastination advice that 8 minutes of your time can buy!
  • 'The 10 Minute Rule' - One strategy for getting started on exams earlier and preventing procrastination.
  • Perfectionism: A Double-Edged Sword (University of Texas at Austin) - Perfectionism is one of the major causes of procrastination. If this is your problem, read about the costs of perfectionism, the difference between perfectionists and healthy strivers, and detailed information about what you can do about it. Don't try all the strategies at once, though -as perfectionists are inclined to do - start with just one or two!
  • Perfectionism (University of Dundee) - Additional information about a major cause of procrastination.
  • Perfectionism in Writing (Queen's University) - An extremely comprehensive resource for those whose perfectionism hampers their ability to write, or their ability to submit what they write.
  • FocalFilter- A tool for blocking distracting websites.

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