RefWorks: Using Write-N-Cite



About: Write-n-Cite is the downloadable plug-in component of RefWorks. Write-n-Cite allows you to insert in-text citations into your document.


  1. Please download Write-n-Cite from within your RefWorks account.
  2. Log into your existing RefWorks account
  3. Go to "Tools" in the menu bar
  4. Select Write-n-Cite
  5. Choose the appropriate version for installation (i.e., PC or Mac, newer or older operating system)
  6. The "install information" link provides configuration instructions for PCs or Macs
  7. After download, Mac users should open Word, then go to View --> Toolbars --> Write-n-Cite to activate

More help on using/configuring Write-n-Cite is available.


The SFU Group Code is: RWSimonFraserU
The code is case-sensitive and is for SFU users only.


One Line / Cite View for (.odt), html, rich text format (rtf) and text.

Use One Line / Cite view instead of Write-n-Cite when using software that is not MS Word.