GSWS 320 - Cripping the Norm: Disability Studies and its Intersections

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Professor: Trish Garner
Semester: Jan - Apr 2013
GSWS 320 ST:  Cripping the Norm: Disability Studies and its Intersections


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Concept Maps

Start by writing a question about your essay topic.  The sentence will help you to identify "key concepts" to start your search.  Next, create a "concept map" as in sample keyword searches below.

Search techniques:

  • Connect your main ideas with AND, and similar terms with OR.
  • put your synonyms or related words in parentheses ( women or gender) joined by an OR
  • Use truncation, which is a shortcut expressed by a symbol, that searches variations and multiple endings of your search terms.
    The most common truncation symbol is *(elect* will retrieve elect, elected, election, electoral, etc.)
  • Start at the library catalogue (for books) or select a database (for journal articles--see below). Once you've conducted your search, look for other useful search terms in the results.

In the Library Catalogue, try the Advanced keyword search link.  Think of each box as a separate concept. Put synonyms in the same box, joined with an "or". Put a different concept in a different box.

Try keyword search:

  • crip
  • (disabilit* or disabl*) and femini*
  • (disabilit* or disabl*) and (women or gender)
  • (disabl* or disabilit*) and (queer or transgender)
  • (disabl* or disabilit*) and social construction
  • (disabl* or disabilit*) and theor*
  • (disabl* or disabilit*) and (race or class or gender)
  • feminist theor* and ________  (keywords from your own topic)
  • Search: disabilit* and femini* (do a keyword search in library catalogue, and use the pulldown menu to limit the search to e-resources)

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Journal articles

Database for Women's Studies

Other databases:

Canadian Sources

  • CBCA Fulltext Reference, -
  • Canadian Public Policy Collection -- full text of public policy documents from Canadian institutes, think-tanks and research groups.
  • Canadian Research Index -
    • provides links to Canadian government publications (federal, provincial), parliamentary committees, royal commission reports, etc.
    • remember to sort the results list by "Publication year, descending" order
    • use the "microlog" number to locate the microfiche on the 6th floor of Library or check for possible links to Canadian government web sites.

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