Spatial Information Science Information Resources

This guide lists selected print and electronic information sources available to SFU faculty, students, and  staff.  Check the library catalogue to find additional materials at the SFU Library.

If you need help, please contact Andre Iwanchuk, Liaison Librarian at 778.782.9704 or or Ask a librarian.



Help with course assignments

Check the main Geography resource page for links to library research guides prepared for specific courses.

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Books and maps


Use the following SUBJECT searches in the Library Catalogue to find books about cartography, geographic information systems, and other Spatial Information Science topics:

Alternatively, you may search by Keyword. For example, try the Keyword search cartography AND landscape. One of the books you will find is Spatial Statistics: Geospatial Information Modeling and Thematic Mapping [print].


The SFU Library collection also includes atlases, sheet maps, digital maps, air photos and gazetteers. All except for older air photos are listed in the Library Catalogue. Detailed instructions for finding maps at SFU Library are in the Geography - Finding Maps and Atlases guide. See the Map Collection guide for more complete information about map resources at SFU Library.


Journal articles

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Use these indexes to locate journal articles on your topic. 

Top Resources


Human and physical geography.


Cartographic topics related to geology.

ASTIS (Arctic Science and Technology Information System)

Remote sensing and GIS in the Arctic regions.

CGRG Internet Bibliography of Canadian Geomorphology

Remote sensing and GIS applied to Canadian geomorphology.


Geology, Earth Sciences, publications from Geological Survey of Canada

Online Geographical Bibliography

Research catalogue of the American Geographical Society Collection of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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See also these sources which cover all topics in Geography

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Background information and quick facts

Guides to information sources

  • The AGI Source Book for Geographic Information Systems [print]
  • Bibliographia Cartographica [online]
  • Geographic Information: How to Find It, How to Use It [print]

Recent publications in Spatial Information Science

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Journal lists

The Electronic Journals Database provides access to full text of electronic journals available to SFU Library users, on the web and through selected periodical indexes. To find other journals subscribed to by SFU Library, search for the title of the journal in the Library Catalogue by selecting Journal title from the pull-down menu and then typing the title of the journal in the search box. Print journals are shelved alphabetically by title on the 6th floor of the library. If SFU has access to a web edition you can use the "Online Access" link in the Library Catalogue.

Associations and organizations

See also Resources of Scholarly Societies - Geography which has links to 45 scholarly societies dealing with Geography.

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British Columbia

United States and International

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Web resources

Meta sites

Map libraries

Aerial photography / satellite images



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Style guides and writing guides

Related SFU research guides

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