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Highlighted resources for Gerontology

Help with course assignments

Below are course assignment guides for Gerontology courses taught in current and previous semesters; guides for the current semester are marked in red, but you can also check the Gerontology department's listing for  Undergraduate courses and Graduate courses,  or the SFU Current Calendar Course Descriptions Search

Course guides are usually only updated when there's a new instruction session for that class, so information on these pages might be dated.  See also SFU's Standard Grade System.

100 level

300 level

  • GERO 300 Introduction to Gerontology
  • GERO 300 Introduction to Gerontology (Distance)
  • GERO 301 Research Methods in Gerontology [Distance]
  • GERO 302 Health Promotion and Aging (Distance)

400 level

  • GERO 401 Aging and the Built Environment
  • GERO 402 Drug Issues in Gerontology (not currently offered)
  • GERO 403 Counselling with Older Adults (Distance)
  • GERO 404 Health and Illness in Later Life
  • GERO 406 Death and Dying
  • GERO 407 Nutrition and Aging (Distance)
  • GERO 408 Families and Aging (Distance)
  • GERO 409 Mental Health and Aging
  • GERO 410 Topics in gerontology
  • GERO 411 Long Term Care Administration
  • GERO 412 Culture, Migration and Aging
  • GERO 413 Sexuality and Aging (Distance)
  • GERO/SA 420 Sociology of Aging (Distance)
  • GERO 450 Programs for Older Adults [currently page for Program Evaluation in Gerontology]

800 level

  • GERO 801 Health Policy and Applied Issues in Gerontology
  • GERO 802 Development and Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs for the Elderly
  • GERO 803 Analytical Techniques for Gerontology Research
  • GERO 804 Qualitative Research Methods in Gerontology
  • GERO 806 Interdisciplinary Theories in Gerontology
  • GERO 810 Community-Based Housing
  • GERO 811 Institutional Living Environments
  • GERO 820 Principles and Practices of Health Promotion
  • GERO 822 Families, Communities and Health
  • GERO 823 Mental Health and Illness in Later Life
  • GERO 830 Technology and Aging
  • GERO 840 Health Care Issues for Minority Older Adults

Courses on aging outside of Gerontology

  • EDUC 351 Teaching the Older Adult
  • BPK 105 Human Structure & Function
  • BPK 461  Physiological Aspects of Aging
  • PSYC 357 Adulthood and Aging
  • SA 319 Culture, Ethnicity and Aging

New Gerontology books