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Communication Information Resources: Facts & Data

Communications statistics

  • Pew Research Center: The Databank: Data from the various Pew Centers on topics such as news, public opinion, and the Internet
  • Yearbook of statistics: telecommunication services: International Telecommunication Union. HE 7601 A55112
  • Little Data Book on Information and Communication Technology (2009) economic and social indicators for 209 countries, from the World Bank
  • ICT-EYE: Telecommunication/ICT statistics (basic indicators, fixed telephone lines, mobile subscribers and Internet indicators) from the International Telecommunications Union
  • World Internet Project Although we don't have access to the full WiP report, many of the reports from the individual countries involved are available for free online. Great source for international data on Internet usage.
  • How much information? 2003: From Hal A Varian & Peter Lyman at U of C Berkeley :"This study is an attempt to measure how much information is produced in the world each year"
  • Media Awareness Network Use the site search to locate Canadian statistics on media use and for overviews of media issues

General statistics sources with Communications content

Public opinion data:

  • Ipsos News Centre: International (but largely US/Canada) polls, public opinion and research information on topics including politics, technology, health, finance, consumer products and consumer trends.
  • Public Opinion Research Reports: Canadian government
  • World Public Opinion (WPO) "A consortium of more than 25 research centers studying public opinion on international issues in their respective countries"