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  • The SFU Library does not provide research services for a fee, however, patrons can contact InfoAction, Vancouver Public Library's fee-based research service.

  • SFU Surrey (Fraser) Library does not offer English as an Additional Language classes, however, other resources are available:

    Students can attend a workshop, book a conversation consultation, and get help with academic writing in English at the  Student Learning Commons.

    Community members can attend a drop-in English conversation circle at Surrey Public Libraries, or contact one of the City of Surrey's English Language Program Providers to attend regularly scheduled language classes.

  • Yes. The Library research skills tutorial is a Canvas module which introduces concepts like refining topics, finding background information including reference sources, and where to find scholarly articles.

    To import this tutorial into your Canvas course, go to Canvas Commons to search for the desired tutorial by title and then follow these step-by-step instructions to import the content. If you need further assistance, contact the Teaching & Learning Centre's LearnTech team

  • The Library does not normally carry past exams.  For assistance in finding previous or practice exams at SFU, see Exam Preparation: Previous and Practice Exams.

  • The Bennett Library no longer keeps phone books from other places as they are now available over the web. You can search for a Canadian phone number here.
  • Yes, videos or DVDs can be borrowed from all three of SFU's libraries.

    The W.A.C. Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby) has a collection of videos and DVDs in the Media Resource Centre (MRC) and some videos in the general collection. The Fraser Library (SFU Surrey) and Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver) also have videos and DVDs in their collections.

    Most of the titles in the film collection are licensed for non-theatrical public performance use at Simon Fraser University and may be booked for classroom viewing by SFU faculty and instructors. Videos and DVDs not booked for classroom viewing may be borrowed by students, faculty, and staff.

    To locate DVDs and videos, search the library's catalogue. Use the Resource Type filter to see only audiovisual media.

    Note that videos in the general stacks collection [as opposed to the Media Resource Centre collection] have various loan periods depending mainly on who borrows them. Generally, loan periods are as follows:

    Patron Type Video Only Video Accompanies a Book
    Undergraduate 3-day loan Same loan period as book
    Faculty/Staff 1-week loan Same loan period as book

    Video and DVD players are available in the Bennett Library in the Media Resource Centre. In addition, all public workstations in the Bennett Library are equipped with DVD players. A 16 mm film projector is available for use in the Media Resource Centre.

    At the Belzberg Library, there is a videocassette player and a combination DVD/videocassette player near the photocopiers. Headphones may be borrowed from the Loans Desk using your valid student ID card.

    The Fraser Library has viewing stations with televisions, DVD and VCR players. The library also has a viewing room where small groups (up to 6) can watch DVDs or videos.

  • Yes!

    The WAC Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby) has five digital projectors available for loan. Laptops are also available for loan with the projectors.

    Who: all SFU faculty, staff and students can borrow projectors.

    Where: Projectors can be checked out from the circulation desk on the 3rd floor of WAC Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby).

    Loan period: 4 hours with no renewals and no holds or bookings. Late fees of $10.00 per hour will be charged for all units not returned on time. See Fines and penalties: Borrowing Library materials for further information.

    Availability: Projectors must be returned 1 hour before Library closing. The most suitable place to use one of these units is in one of the group study rooms at the WAC Bennett Library, which you can book here:

    To see which projectors are available for loan, check the library catalogue.

    For more information, contact or talk to staff at the WAC Bennett Circulation Desk.

    The Fraser Library (SFU Surrey) has numerous projectors available as well. Projectors are not available at Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver) at this time.

  • Yes!

    To borrow headphones at the Belzberg Library (SFU Vancouver) or Fraser Library (SFU Surrey), simply ask at the Loans/Checkout desk.

    At the WAC Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby), there a 20 pairs of headphones available from the Checkout counter on the main/third floor of the Library. There are also two (2) sets of headphones with microphones.

    These headphones can be checked out just like a book. However, they are subject to the following restrictions:

    • the headphones are available to all patrons with a valid library/id card
    • the headphones are for 'in-library use only' at the Bennett Library
    • the headphones can be checked out for a 4 hour loan period and are renewable on-line but not past the Library's closing time
    • headphones returned after they are due are subject to fines. See Fines and penalties: Borrowing Library materials for further information.
    • holds may be placed on the headphones, but advance bookings are not allowed

    You can search the Library's catalogue to see if the WAC Bennett Library headphones are available. They can be searched in the catalogue under both author and title as 'library headphones' or 'headphones'.

  • Yes, the Library offers Scholary publishing services for faculty, staff, and students.