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What is a library barcode and how do I get one?

What is it?

Your SFU Library barcode is the number that begins, 2 9345..., on your SFU ID card, which is also your library card.  It is not your student number.

If you had your card made recently, the number should be typed on the front in smaller print under your name. Your barcode is private information. You must not share your barcode with anyone, or use it for any purpose not expressly permitted by the SFU Library.

I'm a distance student and I don't have a library/student card

If you don't have your library card, you can retrieve your barcode number online.

Follow these set to obtain your barcode:

  1. Log into SFU Connect. In order to gain access to SFU Connect, you will need your SFU Computing ID and password.
  2. Click on the MySFU tab.
  3. Click on My Library Record.
  4. Check the section labeled "Barcode & Library Record".  Your barcode will start with the numbers "29345...".

What can I use my barcode for?

Do I have to use my barcode to manage my library account?

Not always. You can do some things with the SFU Connect email and calendaring system. See "Can I renew items, request items, and perform other activities without having to type in my SFU Library barcode?" for more instructions.