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"Education Indicators in Canada: An International Perspective, 2015" now available

April 1st, 2016

This week, Statistics Canada released a report entitled Education Indicators in Canada: An International Perspective, 2015. It reports on a set of 12 education indicators, comparing Canada's educational system to educational systems in other countries around the world. The report includes many indicators, such as: how much time students and teachers spend in the classroom, distribution of expenditure on education, educational attainment of the adult population, and more.

Education Indicators in Canada: An International Perspective is published by the Canadian Education Statistics Council (CESC) as part of its broader endeavour, the Pan-Canadian Education Indicators Program (PCEIP). The CESC is a partnership between the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) and Statistics Canada.


"Education Indicators in Canada: An International Perspective 2014" now available

December 15th, 2014

Looking for the latest Canadian education stats? Statistics Canada has just released their comprehensive report Education Indicators in Canada: An International Perspective 2014

From the news release, this report is: "a rich source of education statistics for Canada, and its provinces and territories. Jointly produced with the Council of Ministers of Education (Canada), it contains a set of 12 indicators presented in five chapters, which cover topics such as:

- educational attainment of the adult population,

- the connection between educational attainment and the labour market,

-  investment in each student in public and private institutions at several levels of education,

- transitions from education to the working world,

- working time and teaching time of teachers in public institutions,

and much more!

This report is a companion report to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Education at a Glance, which presents complete data for all OECD member countries, including Canada."

TeachBC resource site launched by the BCTF

November 5th, 2014

Looking for lesson or unit-planning resources? Get started with the TeachBC site recently launched by the BCTF:

Search or browse this site to find K-12 teaching resources by grade, subject, and resource type. Resources are selected by BC teachers and currently include activities, lesson plans, unit plans, and more!

Same-Branch Holds are Now Available!

February 28th, 2014

Same-Branch Requesting Now at SFU Library

The Library has launched a pilot project to offer same-branch requesting. You can now request items be brought down from the stacks or shelves for convenient pick-up at the loans or checkout counter at any SFU Library location. Library users have always been able to place requests for material which was at another campus or on loan to another user. For a number of years, students and faculty have been asking the Library to support same-branch holds as well. In January the Library began a pilot project filling these requests. When you click the "Request Item" button in the Library's catalogue, the item is then pulled and placed on the Holds shelf near the loans counter. Books are labeled with your name, and are available in 1-2 business days. You will receive an email alerting you when the book is ready for pick-up. The Library anticipates this new service will be a great time-saver for busy students and researchers. Many public libraries already offer same-branch requesting, and users expect this service. The Library will support this new service without additional staffing resources, and assess the pilot project at the end of the summer semester to decide if it can continue. Questions and feedback about the new service should be directed to Scott Mackenzie, Head of Access Services at SFU Library.

Reconciliation - library resource guide

September 13th, 2013

In support of Reconciliation Week (September 16-22), Jenna Walsh, Indigenous Initiatives Librarian, has prepared a new guide to Reconciliation resources available at SFU Library:

SFU Library has a wide variety of resources that support knowledge sharing, teaching, and research about the history of residential schools, their impact on communities, and their legacy today.  Please feel free to contact Jenna with any questions or comments about this resource guide:

NVivo Software for Research Analysis

September 4th, 2013

On behalf of the SFU Library's Research Commons, we're pleased to officially announce support for researchers who are using -- or are interested in using -- NVivo 10 software for research analysis.  We have licenses available for download, consultations available with two Graduate Peer NVivo Facilitators, and upcoming workshops on offer.

NVivo is a software package that helps with the analysis of qualitative information. It handles survey responses, interviews, text, images, videos, social media, and more and allows researchers to manage, code, and query their materials.

More information about downloading NVivo, about booking a consultation, and about registering for workshops is available here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Heather De Forest, Research Commons Librarian: / 778-782-7322

PEEL in Practice database now available

August 8th, 2013

We're pleased to share the news that access to the Project for Enhancing Effective Learning (PEEL) database of research-based, teacher-generated resources is now available via SFU Library:

Here is some additional information about this resource from the PEEL website:

"During the past 27 years, PEEL teachers have developed and adapted a very rich range of innovative, classroom-tested teaching procedures.

Many of these have been shared in PEEL SEEDS, the teacher - authored journal of the PEEL collective. 112 editions of PEEL SEEDS (up to December 2012), detailed descriptions of all  PEEL teaching procedures, links to other educational resources, together with several other publications, are available as PEEL in Practice [...]

In order to allow you to access this huge body of ideas for extending and enriching teaching practice, the 1550 articles have been placed in a database that allows ideas to be retrieved by any combination of a range of search fields grouped into 18 search categories. You can access articles via subject, year level, any of 18 common teacher concerns such as students rarely contributing ideas of their own, classroom practices such as group work or assessment, any of 12 principles of teaching for quality learning that have emerged as recurring themes in practices that PEEL teachers regard as successful (e.g. provide students with opportunities for genuine choice and decision making) or any of over 200 generic teaching procedures."

"The Teaching Professor" newsletter now available online

June 10th, 2013

SFU Library is pleased to announce that online access to The Teaching Professor newsletter is now available:

Here is some additional information about this resource from the publisher's website:

"Published 10 times per year, The Teaching Professor is a lively, practical newsletter with a singular purpose: to provide ideas and insights to educators who are passionate aboutteaching.

For 25 years, The Teaching Professor has been edited by Maryellen Weimer, Ph.D., professor emerita of teaching and learning, winner of Penn State’s Milton S. Eisenhower award for distinguished teaching, and author of many books on teaching and learning. Under her auspices, each issue delivers thought-provoking and inspirational articles.

The Teaching Professor helps you:

•Overcome obstacles to effective teaching
•Stay on top of the latest pedagogical research
•Hear what’s working for colleagues “in the trenches”
•Hone your skills and stay on top of teaching innovations
•Truly connect with your students" database: expanded subscription for 2013

March 26th, 2013

SFU Library is pleased to announce an expanded subscription for 2013 to with an unlimited number of users. (Our past subscription was for 6 simultaneous users, which was frequently exceeded.)

If you are unfamiliar with, here is a brief description:
"Thousands of video tutorials from expert authors on software, design, and business skills. It covers hundreds of topics, including Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Flash, Final Cut Pro, presentation skills, print and web design, programming, design principles, digital photography and video, animation, and much more.”

You can access here:

Note: New users will need to create a profile the first time they use After that, you will be able to create your own playlists and organize courses.

This is a one year pilot project as there is no ongoing funding to sustain this subscription after January 14, 2014. Over the course of this year, we will be gathering data and feedback on to help determine whether this is a resource of use to departments and units across SFU.

If you have any feedback on, please send it to -- thanks!