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Get the academic year off to a good start with the Student Learning Commons

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Check out the SLC's offerings for Fall 2017

Want to brush up on your writing or learning and study skills this term? Are you an English language learner? The Student Learning Commons can help you get off to a good start!

For a full list of workshops offered by the SLC, see Upcoming workshops for undergraduates.


Analyze This! Thinking & Writing Critically

October 2 at SFU Vancouver

Have you been asked to write a critical analysis? Learn some strategies that will help regardless of your discipline, at this one-hour workshop

Analyze This! From Summary to Critical Writing

October 4 at SFU Burnaby and Surrey

This one-hour workshop starts with general strategies for effectively reading and summarizing, then moves into techniques for doing the analysis.

Writing a Term Paper? Start Planning Now!

October 13 at SFU Burnaby; October 16 at SFU Vancouver

It pays to start early. From understanding your assignment to revising your first draft, learn techniques to help you tackle that term paper in this one-hour workshop

Clear, Concise, and Powerful Prose

October 23 at SFU Burnaby; October 30 at SFU Vancouver

Learn to pare your prose and write with greater clarity, succinctness, and power in this one-hour workshop.

More coming in October

Check Upcoming workshops on writing for more -- and watch this space!

learning & studying

Lost in the lecture theatre? Pick up some tips for thriving in large classes with our Listening and note-taking in lectures guide.

Critical Reading & Thinking

October 4 at SFU Surrey and SFU Burnaby

In this workshop we'll go what critical thinking is and how to do it -- right from the first time you read a piece. 

How to Succeed on Exams

October 19 at SFU Surrey and SFU Burnaby

Have your midterms so far been... disappointing? It's not too late to adopt study strategies and techniques that are proven to work.

Managing Procrastination

October 19 at SFU Surrey and SFU Burnaby

Putting off work because it's stressful or stressing because you put off the work? Learn some strategies to help you get down to work!

More coming in October

Check Upcoming workshops on learning for more -- including the "Mid-Semester Makeover Workshop Series" ((October 19), in Burnaby and Surrey. And watch this space!  

english as an additional language

Essay Writing for University

September 19 - October 31

Designed for undergraduate students for whom English is an additional language (EAL), this workshop series focuses on language strategies for writing essays.

Structuring Ideas Through Grammar

September 21 at SFU Surrey; November 2 at SFU Vancouver

Improve the clarity, logic, and flow of your writing at this one-hour workshop.

Let's Talk! Workshops

Thursdays at SFU Burnaby (till November 16)

Join a weekly workshop that gives you an opportunity outside of class to improve your English conversation skills, learn strategies for academic success, and meet people! 

Conversation Partners Program

Weekly meetings, starting September 18

Apply to meet one-on-one with a student volunteer to improve your English conversation skills, on the SFU Burnaby campus.

More workshops this fall

Check Upcoming workshops for English as an additional language learners for more. And watch this space!  



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