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Up your academic game this fall with the Student Learning Commons

Student Learning Commons 2017: image of an instructor in front of a whiteboard

Check out the SLC's offerings for Fall 2017

Want to brush up on your writing or learning and study skills this term? Are you an English language learner? The Student Learning Commons can help you get off to a good start!

For a full list of workshops offered by the SLC, see Upcoming workshops for undergraduates.


Using Sources in Your Paper?

November 6 at SFU Vancouver, November 7 at SFU Burnaby

This workshop covers integrating sources, clearly attributing what you quote and paraphrase, and getting help with citation styles. Go beyond the Plagiarism Tutorial! 

And more...

Check Upcoming workshops on writing for more -- and watch this space!

learning & studying

Lost in the lecture theatre? Pick up some tips for thriving in large classes with our Listening and note-taking in lectures guide.

Late Night Against Procrastination

November 14 at SFU Burnaby

Let's fight procrastination together! Join us for an evening of studying, writing, refreshments, and learning support.

Successful Exam Writing

November 20 at SFU Burnaby and SFU Surrey

This workshop covers preparing for exams, time management during exams, and the most common types of questions. 

Crunch Time: Survival 101

November 20 at SFU Burnaby and SFU Surrey

Learn how to deal with exams -- and your own worst "crunch time" habits -- at this one-hour workshop.

And more...

Check Upcoming workshops on learning for more. And watch this space!  

english as an additional language

Let's Talk! Workshops

Thursdays at SFU Burnaby (till November 16)

Join a weekly workshop that gives you an opportunity outside of class to improve your English conversation skills, learn strategies for academic success, and meet people! 

Conversation Partners Program

Weekly meetings, starting September 18

Apply to meet one-on-one with a student volunteer to improve your English conversation skills, on the SFU Burnaby campus.

More workshops this fall

Check Upcoming workshops for English as an additional language learners for more. And watch this space!  



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