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The Games Room and Collection at Fraser Library (Surrey)

Purpose of the Games Room and Collection

The Games Collection and Room at Fraser Library (SFU Surrey) are to support teaching, learning, and research by SFU faculty, staff and students. In order to ensure a pleasant environment and to respect the rights of all members of the campus community, a Code of Conduct has been developed.


The Library has all the platforms shown; click on the links to see a list of games for each.


Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo DS

Nintendo game cube
Nintendo GameCube

Nintendo game boy advance
Nintendo GameBoy Advance


Nintendo 64

Super Nintendo

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii

Sony Playstation

Playstation 4 console
Sony Playstation 4

PlayStation 3
Sony PlayStation 3

Playstation 2
Sony Playstation 2


Xbox One console

Xbox One

Microsoft XBox360

Microsoft Xbox

Miscellaneous equipment

Arcade Legend


Board games

Loan periods for games

Any current SFU undergraduate student may borrow console games for 3 days, SFU graduate student, faculty and staff may borrow console games for 1 week. PC games are loaned out for 4 hours (not overnight). Board games are loaned out for 72 hours.  All video game disk are kept behind the Loans Desk. To borrow a video game, please get the video game box from the shelves and bring it to the desk to receive the disk(s).

PC games can be played and installed on the Games Room PCs.  If prompted for an installation key ask for help at the Loans Desk. Library staff will enter the key for you.

Late fine for console games are $1/day and for board games are $1/hr.  See Fines & Penalties for detailed breakdown of late fines.

Finding games & related materials in the Library's collection

All video games are listed in the SFU Library Catalogue. You may also click on a platform above to bring up a list of games the library owns.

The Library also has collects materials about gaming, some of which are linked below.